Ben Park Drive. Is it a place? A Philosophy? Maybe both. Undeniably, it represents rock music packed with soaring melodies and emotion. Songs that upon first listen will grab you and not let go. Rising from the ashes of several former Denver based rock bands, Ben Park Drive emerges as much more than a sum of its parts. Angie, Troy, Dann, Steve and Mike came together late in 2002 to begin crafting what would become their debut album "Signs Are Everywhere".

Lead singer Angie says "It took over a year to write, rehearse, and record this album, but we knew when we started that we wanted to create a sound that would be ours. A record that we could reach people both lyrically and musically and that would stand up next to the works of our own favorite artists".

Ben Park Drive enlisted the guidance of industry veteran Ken Lewis (David Byrne, Public Enemy, Mariah Carey) to produce the album. Ken set out to help the band realize their musical vision and began a long process of writing, pre-production and revision. Ken says "I wouldn't let the band go into the studio for 8 months. They were impatient, but every time we got together or they would send me a new song, I saw such tremendous growth. I knew what this album could sound like long before they did, and I wanted to give them time to develop and grow as writers and performers. The finished album far exceeded even my lofty expectations. I think this is a hit waiting to happen."

For the next 4+ years BPD performed through out the rocky mountain region along with music festivals from coast to coast. Ben Park Drive was a national finalist in the 2004 Zippo Hot Tour. In early 2006, Dann Burd, BPD's original drummer, was presented with an opportunity of a lifetime and joined the nationally signed band Small Town Sleeper, out of Urbana, Ohio. It seemed like the right time to take a break. Over the next three years different members pursued new projects and met drummer Dave Diflumeri. Dave's talent and skill were a perfect fit for BPD's hard driving, passion filled, rock the house style of music. In March of 2009, the decision was made to continue the BPD story. It's time to turn the page on a whole new and exciting chapter. We look forward to seeing and rock'n with all of you once again!


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